How It Works

How does the Medi Drop program work?

The Medi Drop program provides a safe disposal location for residents to properly dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medication.

Drop Box
  • This program provides an environmentally safe alternative to disposing of medication in the landfill or sewer systems which may later negatively affect the environment.
  • This program encourages residents to remove their unused, unwanted or expired medication from their homes. This reduces access to addictive medication for accidental or intentional misuse by children in the home.

Medi Drop boxes allow residents to safely deposit medication.

  • Collection boxes are clearly marked for this purpose.
  • Collection boxes are locked and securely mounted to prevent removal of the box or removal of medication from within the box without a key.
  • Residents can place their unused, unwanted or expired medication into the collection box anonymously (If more comfortable, you can remove the label or use a marker to cross out the name on prescription medication).
  • Syringes CANNOT be placed in the drop box. The Cornwall Community Hospital provides a bulk sharps disposal container at each deposit location for this purpose.
  • Opened containers of liquid should be completely sealed before deposit.

The Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS) is responsible for the collection of the deposited medication.

  • The CCPS Evidence Unit is the sole possessor of keys to the collection boxes.
  • The CCPS Evidence Unit documents each collection on supplemental reports. This allows for tracking of data to monitor the programs benefits.
  • The CCPS Evidence Unit collects the deposited medication as required.
  • The CCPS Evidence Unit bags the deposited medication, provides a weight of the contents and secures until incineration.
  • The CCPS Evidence Unit destroys the collected medication by incineration through a contracted provider of this service.

How to use Medi Drop

Bring your unused, unwanted or expired medication and place in the drop box.

Do drop these items

  • Expired, unwanted or unused medication
  • Over-the-counter medication
  • Narcotics
  • Vitamins
  • Pet medication
  • Inhalers
  • Unopened EpiPens
  • Liquid medication (in container or bag)
  • Medication samples

Do NOT drop these items

  • Needles, lancets, syringes
  • Thermometers
  • IV Bags
  • Bloody or infectious waste
  • Trash
  • Mail
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